Our Mission

The mission of Accessible3D is to develop tools that make innovation accessible for all.  That is why our first product in development will be the cheapest 3D Printer kit EVER.  3D printers have been used in numerous fields to rapidly prototype and explore new ideas.  Hobbyists and makers have used them to build incredibly innovative things that would be extremely difficult to build by other means.  However, as enabling as these tools are, even the most affordable 3D printers remain prohibitively expensive for many.  We believe that if we can bring the price point of these products down, they will be that much more accessible.  When they are accessible, it means anyone can access the tools they need to make their creativity and imagination come to life.

We know that affordable tools are not the only answer.  Knowledge and support are necessary for innovation.  That is why we are committed to using our proceeds to support organizations that inspire kids and get them excited about learning.  In the spirit of the Inspiration4 mission, our initial proceeds will go towards supporting the work of The St. Jude School Program.  They enable children to continue learning while they undergo treatment. I am currently in contact with St. Jude and their fundraising company, ALSAC, to determine how we can best support the School Program.  As we grow, I hope we can support more educational organizations that excite and inspire future innovators.

We are still developing our Inspire 3D Printer Kit.  You can check out its page (https://accessible3d.com/inspire-3d-printer.html) above to monitor our progress and see when you can order your very own!  Experienced makers who want to prototype along with me can buy a developer kit from our shop, under the Inspire Developer Kit Tab, which includes everything you need for the current design excluding any 3D Printed Parts, which takes about $5 worth of filament to print.  For now, you can explore our store if you would like to provide your support.  Under the 3D Printing section, you can find 3D Printed models of the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites and the same 3D Printed tools used by Astronauts on the International Space Station!  By making a purchase, you will be supporting educational organizations like The St. Jude School Program.  If you do not find anything you would like to buy, but still want to support our mission, you can support our St. Jude School Program initiative or further development of the Inspire 3D Printer under the Support Our Mission Tab.  To learn more about the Inspiration4 Mission and support the extraordinary efforts of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital visit: https://www.inspiration4.com/                  

Connection to Space Exploration

Accessible3D was started to enter a Space related business competition, but its connection to Space is far more than that. As we speak, there is a 3D Printer flying aboard the International Space Station. Astronauts have used it to print tools to use for actual jobs in Space, no resupply mission required!  In fact, you can buy a 3D print of the same model of the first tool printed in Space in our shop!  Currently, a satellite is in development that will use lessons learned from 3D printing to perform assembly and final manufacturing, IN ORBIT!  It is safe to say that 3D printing will be an essential part of the future of Space Exploration, on the Moon, Mars, and beyond!  That is why it is so critical that everyone can access it. This tool will drive innovation in the future. Everyone should be able to be a part of it. Just as Inspiration4 seeks to demonstrate that Space Exploration is for everyone, not just a few, I hope Accessible3D will do the same for innovation and the tools that empower it.

Legal Note: Accessible3D is a DBA ("Doing Business As") name of the Sole Proprietorship James Kelly, operating in the State of Maryland.